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Wholesale Reversible Corset OUC1062
Wholesale Reversible Corset OUC1062 Wholesale Reversible Corset OUC1062

Wholesale Reversible Corset OUC1062

Model: OUC1062

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Fully reverisble jacquard rose pattern/black satin corset with hook and eye front and adjustable lace-up back. Includes matching thong.

Item code: OUC1062.
Minimum quantity: 1 pieces.
Color: Reversible.
Size: XL.
Material: Floral Brocade .
Front: hook and eye closure.
Boning: Plastic.
Back vanity panel: No.

Size Chart.

XL90 739294

English Rose Reversible Corset OUC1062 includes corset and thong , that looks very hot and sexy. I'm sure you and your customers will like it very much. 
It is fit for most of women, If you want Reversible Corset big or plus size please contact us by email or MSN.
Excellent quality and reasonable price for English Rose Reversible Corset for OUC1062.

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